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Parrot Steering Wheel Control Kits

Some cars come with the buttons as standard, some vehicle manufacturers charge extra for what they call “telephone preparation”  but what they don’t tell you is that its almost impossible to connect any other car kit to these buttons other than the factory fit one.  If you want this kit retrofitted by your dealer its usually £1000 upwards!

Parrot now have a range of interfaces available for most cars that allow you to use these buttons to control your parrot car kit.

For the Parrot CK3000EVO and CK3100 kits we do the Parrot Multicann and Multicomm kits (depending on your car)

Prices From

£74.75  Installed

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Prices From

£89.70  Installed

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For the Parrot MKi series car kits we do the UNIKA steering wheel control module. Which can replace the RF remote (pictured left)

To see whether your vehicle is compatible, click on the Parrot link to the compatability matrix on Parrot’s website