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Tracking is now affordable and necessary.  If you want to know by the minute what is happening to your fleet, workforce and asset, you need to choose BOX Tracking

How does it work?

The BOX tracking solution works by installing a tracking device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine its location, speed, direction and time.  This information is logged every minute and sent to the BOX server via the GSM network.  The resulting data is then presented on an easy to use .NET application that is downloadable via www.boxgateway.com.

Box key features:

Box benefits include:

Measuring just 135 x 70 x 21.5mm it is one of the smallest tracking devices currently available and with an integral GSM/GPS antenna it can be installed covertly reducing the risk of detection and tampering.

To find out more by downloading the BOX Telematics brochure in .pdf format

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To see a flash demonstration video of the system in action

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If you would like us to visit your workplace to give you a live demonstration of the system

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24/7 Tracking

It’s easy and cost effective to manage fleets and assets