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The basic kit for these models is £275+vat fitted.  

If your car has the RNS-E or BNS-5 Sat Nav or is an A4 and A5 vehicles after 2008 with Concert II or Symphony II radio fitted with the Hi Level Display with the volume control on the radio fascia and NOT by the gearshift on the centre console (non MMI) We can offer a more advanced hands-free kit. This kit allows control of telephone functions using the screen with all of your phonebook displayed on the screen.

The advanced kit for these models is £305+vat fitted.  

If your car is an A6 2004>2009 or an A4 or A5 after 2008 fitted with the MMI system (6 disc CD player in the dash and the radio controls on the centre console) then you will need the MMI 2G kit. This allows control of the telephone functions from the steering wheel and the control panel in the centre console with display on the MMI screen

The MMI 2G kit for these models is £325+vat fitted.  

Cars from 2009 onwards fitted with the Multi Media Interface MMI are fitted with the Audi MMI 3G system

(radio controls on the centre console)

The MMI 3G kit for these models is £355+vat fitted.  


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Audi Hands Free Systems

We have a 4 kits available for Audi vehicles that will integrate with all vehicles manufactured from 2004 that are fitted with the Multi function steering wheel and the driver information display (DIS).

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